T-MSC granted the patent authorization of Japan and Australia

Release time: 2018-01-25 / Source: ImStem Biotechnology

The core technology of ImStem Biotechnology Inc. has recently been granted the patent authorization of the national patent office of Japan and Australia. As the currently best embryo derived mesenchymal stem cell production method, T-MSC (Mesenchymal-like stem cells derived from human embryonic stem cells, methods and uses thereof) has acquired the patented invention of the US National Patent Office (Patent No. 9745551), the China National Intellectual Property Office (ZL 2013 8 0036985.7), the European Patent Office (13816490.0-1402), respectively, in August 2017.


On December 19, 2017, T-MSC was granted the patent authorization (Patent No. 2015-521809) of the Japanese Patent Office. On December 20, 2017, the patent application of T-MSC (Application No. 2013290146) was accepted and will be officially advertised on January 18, 2018 through the Australian Intellectual Property Office.


T-MSC is characterized by high cell activity, high differentiation potential, no-donor dependence, infinite amplification and stable efficiency, which makes it possible to standardize mass production of stem cell products and can be widely used in the future treatment of the human autoimmune system disease. Of which long-term experiments on animals and all pre-clinical tests have been completed, the T-MSC treatment of multiple sclerosis was reviewed on the US FDA Pre - IND meeting in March 2016. The lab will proceed clinical I period prior to June 2018. ImStem is commited to the stem cell medical revolutionary and the contribution to the benefit of human health!