ImStem’s scientific team has more than 200 papers published in reputable scientific journals with citations over 20,000 times.

ImStem’s research team together with our scientific advisors has carried out extensive basic and preclinical scientific investigations on characterizations of T-MSC(hES-MSCs) as well as their clinical potentials in various diseases. Based on these aforementioned projects, ImStem’s scientific team has published more than 200 peer-reviewed papers in reputable scientific journals with over 20,000 citations. In eight publications, our directed cell differentiation technology has been used to examine the therapeutic potentials of T-MSC(hES-MSCs) in various disease models such as multiple sclerosis, brain radiation injuries, osteoarthritis, skin injuries, adipocyte transplantation and inflammatory bowel disease. These extensive studies not only build an evidence-based foundation for our core products and pipeline, but also deepen our understanding of therapeutic mechanisms of cell products that could translate into future improvements in our manufacturing and clinical processes and technology.




More excitingly, ImStem’s scientific advisors have conducted research beyond stem cells and published important findings in prestigious scientific journals in the emerging field of gene-editing technology and therapeutics. These studies support ImStem’s forward thinking philosophy that in turn will give us a competitive edge.




Displayed below are 10 of our scientific publications.


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    Cited 20000+ times

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    50 publications (IF above 20)

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