ImStem is driven by the mission of developing pioneering stem cell therapies to address unmet medical needs globally.

The spirit of innovation and the standard of evidence-based medicine have been implemented in all our work. From basic scientific research to clinical development of our cell therapy candidate pipelines, we have been constantly pursuing originality and uniqueness in our pipeline programs.


In the U.S., ImStem has cooperated with experts from the world’s top institutions on numerous stem cell therapy research programs in potential therapeutic areas, such as multiple sclerosis, cALD, bone and skin repair, Parkinson’s disease, diabetes mellitus, and ARDS. Below are some examples of KOLs in the United States with whom we have scientific collaboration efforts established and ongoing.



We are continually seeking new partners that share in our mission to accelerate our goal of delivering potentially effective stem cell therapeutic options to patients suffering from diseases with high unmet needs. We are actively seeking partners who:


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    Share a common vision in our product pipeline strategy to accelerate the clinical transformation of scientific research results through collaboration to provide potentially effective therapies for patients.

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    Have a keen ability to identify unmet clinical needs by enriching and diversifying our product portfolio through collaboration to explore a wider range of therapeutic areas.

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    Are able to maximize the capital potential through establishing strategic collaboration and licensing opportunities to advance the development and approval of our pipeline programs.

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    Have competitive or synergistic advantages in technology platforms and clinical research and development capabilities.

If you are interested in collaborating with us,
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